Bringing It Home

Bringing It Home

By Rebecca Lee, Retirement Services Supervisor
Minnesota State Retirement System

I have worked for the Minnesota State Retirement System (MSRS) for 10 years, currently serving as manager of our service center and 12 service center representatives. MSRS counsels public employees on their pension plans, Deferred Compensation (457b Plan), and a Health Care Savings Plan.

As the service center supervisor, I am often asked about how I review calls. The questions I receive generally pertain to two areas of call reviews:

  • The method I use to score calls; and,
  • The criteria I use to evaluate calls.

I review two calls per week for each representative. When an agent is new, I review significantly more calls. I schedule a one-on-one meeting with each representative for call reviews. In these sessions we listen to calls together and I score the calls on the spot with them.

At the end of each call, I ask the agent what they noticed or how they felt about the call. In most cases, the representative points out areas for improvement that I would have noticed and commented on myself.

As a supervisor, these one-on-one sessions give me another counseling opportunity with each representative. The sessions are also much more interesting and engaging for me than sitting in my office with the door closed listening to calls.

My experience with this technique has been very positive and has led to a more collaborative experience. The agents feel more engaged in their customer service development.

In the spirit of our recent conference topic on infographics, I created this visual representation of the criteria used to score a call.

I created the doughnut graph in Excel.The icons and facial graphics were purchased through a stock site our agency subscribes to.Wrapping the text around the doughnut graph was done in Inkscape.Everything was compiled into Powerpoint.I then converted the Powerpoint into a PDF file and inserted the image into Microsoft Publisher for this article.