Past Speakers

Bob Mauterstock

Speaker, Author & Trainer

Over 35 years ago, Bob Mauterstock started his career in the financial services industry, setting up his first registered investment advisory firm in 1982.

In 2007, Bob turned his focus to working with families to communicate better about money and create successful financial transition plans from one generation to the next. After having seen so many failed attempts, he wrote the book Can We Talk? A Financial Guide for Baby Boomers Assisting Their Elderly Parents.

Now as a retired financial adviser, Bob has focused his energy on coaching financial advisers how to advise their clients on eldercare issues. “Most advisers have been well trained to do retirement planning, investment management and education funding. However, few have the skills to help their clients (or their parents) deal with all the issues of aging.”

A frequent speaker, Bob helps families deal with all financial, legal and emotional issues required to protect parents and keep the family together, as well as mentoring and coaching financial advisers to become Elder Planning Specialists.