2022 Website Update

Welcome to our new website. As retirement professionals, we strive to share the best practices in the industry. To make this task easier, we had the help of myheartcreative to create a new website that works better for you. Now you can easily stay up to date on the...

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President’s Welcome 2022

Greetings!  I hope you are all doing well and 2022 is off to a great start. What an honor it is to serve as the 24th President of the NPEA Board of Directors!  I attended my first NPEA Conference in New Orleans in 2002 and our beloved Dave Daly served in the role of...

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2022 Annual Conference

Planning for the 2022 Annual Conference is well underway! Mark your calendars and plan to join us in Seattle, Washington on October 22-26, 2022. A full agenda and details about the conference will be available in early June. Membership dues must be paid by your system...

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Welcome from President Patrick Lane (May 2018)

Adapt and Survive, Not Just for Lizards and Cactus Like many, my first impression of the desert was of a desolate, barren place fit only for high-speed chases between a smug road runner and persistent coyote. To make matters worse, in my teens I watched Lawrence of...

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Tuning Up for Nashville

USA Today, US News, and Travel and Leisure all recommend visiting Nashville in the fall. Our timing appears to be spot on for the annual conference October 14-18, 2017 at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Nashville Downtown. Nashville is the capital of Tennessee and home...

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Coughlin Thinks Big on Self-Driving Cars

  Director of the MIT AgeLab and 2012 NPEA speaker Dr. Joseph Couglin pens two articles giving us a glimpse into the future of autonomous, driverless vehicles.  Will Self-driving Cars Kill Luxury Cars, and Car Ownership Itself? 15 Things You'll Do In...

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Ten Things You Might Not Know About Nashville

Nashville became known worldwide as “Music City” when WSM radio announcer David Cobb used the now-famous nickname on a 1950 broadcast. But there is so much more to this iconic city than the music. Nashville’s history, diversity, ingenuity, and...

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Are You Interested in Serving on the NPEA Board?

If you are an NPEA member and would like to serve on the board, please submit a letter of interest addressing the experiences you would bring to the board and your willingness and ability to fulfill the responsibilities. You also need to provide a letter of support...

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Ghilarducci on Guaranteed Savings Accounts

2015 keynote speaker Teresa Ghilarducci, author of the recently released book How to Retire with Enough Money and How to Know What Enough Is, co-authored an article in the NY Times calling for the establishment of guaranteed savings accounts for the 95 million workers...

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