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System or Organization: Kentucky Retirement Systems

Topic: Increase Electronic Communications

Your Question/Comment: Hello NPEA members!

Kentucky Retirement Systems (KRS) has recently been provided statutory authority to offer online voting for our Trustee elections. Members will have the ability to opt out and request a paper ballot. In order to effectively administer this change in the law, KRS must first obtain a greater percentage of member email addresses. By doing so, we hope to more effectively communicate about online services, provide more information by email and lay the foundation for requiring some services to transition to online only.

My questions to you are:

1.) What mechanisms has your agency used to capture member email addresses?
2.) Do you require member consent prior to sending communications electronically instead of print copies?
3.) What methods has your agency employed to encourage members to use online services?
4.) What hurdles have you encountered while increasing electronic communications? What pitfalls have you encountered that should be avoided?
5.) Do you send electronic communications using different platforms? For example, do you send account specific emails that are system generated and also use an email service such as Mailchimp for newsletters and other general information?

Any assistance or advice is greatly appreciated.

Email Address: [email protected]

Note: NPEA respectfully requests respondents share as much as they can via the blog so everyone can learn from those experiences. If an issue is overly technical, we would greatly appreciate respondents who are willing to be contacted include their contact information within their blog post. Thank you.

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