Past Speakers

Jason Ashlock

Founding Partner, Frontier Press

The shared architecture of our lives is a story. As leaders and teammates, salespeople and customers, creators of strategy and engineers of comebacks, we are first and foremost authors of stories. In all of our endeavors, across our pasts and presents and futures, we build meaning from the narratives we shape and share.

Jason brings to life the powerful logic of storytelling for ourselves, our tribes, our companies, our partnerships, and our customers. Explore how customer service transformation in companies around the world is being driven by fresh understanding of a customers’ narrative experience. Discover how sales teams across industries are fashioning reinvigorated strategies with storytelling at their core. Learn how leaders and change agents of all kinds are winning influence and increasing stakeholder buy-in through the precise use of narrative logic. And learn how to surface and broadcast stories of your own to connect, motivate and persuade.