Past Speakers

John Kennedy

Master Executive Brain Coach, International Speaker, Process Efficiency Consultant


For 25 years John worked closely with C-level leaders in many industries to help them solve their unsolvable problems typically through coaching and consulting.  His innovative process-based solutions helped transform culture by including many layers of management and employees to pull together for a common objective, as well as significantly accelerating project timelines.

He is proud to have put his reputation as a project rescue specialist to the ultimate test by the US Marines in 2007 when he was chosen to develop a program to improve warfighting capabilities and reduce casualties in combat. In response he created the field of Applied Neuroplasticity to apply his process reengineering approach to the brain using neuroplasticity as the medium. The resulting program, Combat Brain Training, significantly improves focus, faster mental and physical reaction times and better decision making under stress.

Overwhelmingly successful, it spread quickly to other Forces and was vetted and approved by US Special Operations Command before transitioning to the civilian world. It has successfully helped thousands of people improve performance including Marines, Snipers, Special Operations forces and their instructors, pilots, professional athletes, businesspeople, students, children, and those suffering from brain trauma including TBI, PTSD, concussions, dementia and learning disabilities. John now gets to support individuals and teams exceed their performance expectations at the operational, personal, and mental areas of their lives.