Past Speakers

Matt Newman

Consultant, Frontier Project

We couldn’t be more excited about our final session for this year’s conference – Curiosity: How Improvisers Stay Calm Amid Uncertainty.

The rate of change in today’s workforce is increasing exponentially. Research indicates modern companies go through substantial organizational changes every three years. The average workforce undergoes a complete turnover every eight years. The life-cycle of products and US patent filings is getting shorter. And all this increased speed is making itself felt in our everyday experience.

Matt will show us how using an improviser’s iterative mindset can increase our tolerance for change, lead to more productive conversations, foster creative teams, and generally make us more comfortable and confident when we have no idea what will happen next.

Using lessons learned from nearly two decades performing in front of crowds without a script, Matt will share stories and inspiration from unusual places to awaken our own sense of curiosity about the changing world around us. He’s also going to ask someone from the audience to get on stage. You’ve been warned.