2023 Annual Conference

Conference Details

Registration Cost:

  • Members: $1,000
  • Sponsors: Initial person is $2,500, additional sponsor attendees are $1,000 each

Guests can register to attend any or all of the dinners. Costs are as follows:

  • $150 per night
  • $450 for all three nights

The Desoto
15 East Liberty Street,
Savannah, GA 31401

Conference room rate is $225 plus taxes and fees. Please book your hotel by September 13, 2023 to take advantage of this rate.

Book your group rate for the NPEA 2023 Annual Conference.

Free Gift

Members who register before September 13th will receive a free gift.


Cancellation Policy:

Cancellations must be submitted in writing to [email protected] for reimbursement accordingly:

  • Before September 13th – Full Refund
  • After September 13th – No Refund

Additionally, NPEA will not reimburse for air fare or hotel costs.


Conference FAQs

Who may attend the annual conference?

The annual conference is open to staff and trustees of state retirement systems that are paid up on their 2023 membership fees.

How do I know if my system has paid the annual membership fee?

Begin by checking with your accounting department. They should have a record of the payment. You can also check our current list here, or feel free to contact NPEA at [email protected].

Is there a limit on the number of attendees from each system?

There is no restriction on the number of attendees from any given system. Your membership fee covers all system staff/trustees; however, each attendee is required to pay the individual conference fee.

What is the conference fee for the 2023 Annual Conference?

The fees are as follows:

Attendees: $1,000

Guests are asked to pay only if they plan to attend the evening events. The cost is as follows:

  • Single Night – $150
  • All three events – $450

Sponsors: $2,500 for the initial attendee; $1.000 for each additional sponsor attendee

Do I need to register my guest now or can I wait?

In order to get an accurate food and beverage count, please register your guests by September 13, 2023.

When do I need to pay for my guest meals? Can I pay when I arrive at the conference?

Payment must be received by Septemer 13th.

What is the conference hotel and rate?

This year’s conference will be held at the Desoto Hotel

15 East Liberty Street,
Savannah, GA 31401​.

The conference hotel rate $225 plus taxes and fees per night.

How and when do I need to make hotel reservations?

Reservations are made directly with the hotel via the link provided on the NPEA website conference page. Reservations must be made by September 13th, in order to receive the conference rate.

Do I have to stay at the conference hotel?

No. You can stay at any hotel of your choice, however NPEA has not negotiated rates at any other hotels and will not provide shuttle service to the conference hotel.

Does the conference hotel honor government rates?

NPEA has negotiated the lowest possible rate based on the type of organizations we represent.

What if I register and need to cancel? Can I get a refund of my conference fee?

Our cancellation policy is as follows:
Cancellations must be submitted in writing to [email protected] for reimbursement accordingly:

  • Full conference fee registration refund on/before September 13th.
  • No refund after September 13th.

Additionally, NPEA will not reimburse for air fare or hotel costs.

Does this cancellation still apply if I get sick for any reason, including COVID, prior to the conference?

The cancellation policy is the same for all types of cancellations.

How do I make payment?

Payment can be made online or by PayPal, ACH, or check.