Dave Clark

Dave Clark, Former Professional Baseball Player

Dave Clark is a remarkable pro baseball player who has overcome tremendous odds to achieve his dreams. Born in 1952 in the small town of Corning, NY, Dave was diagnosed with polio at 10 months. This left him with a permanent disability and could only walk with crutches and braces. Despite this challenge, Dave was determined to pursue his love for sports and began playing at a young age.

Dave faced many obstacles, including exclusion from participating in elementary school phys-ed, baseball leagues, and more due to his perceived limitations. However, he refused to let this hold him back. With the help of his parents’ pursuits of the Little League HQ leaders, Dave was allowed to play. And play he did.

Despite facing skepticism Dave continued to work hard and proved himself on the field which led to a 17 year minor league playing career and 55+ years in pro sports as a coach, owner, manager, speaker, author and disability advocate.

Dave is a 3 time Championship manager in Sweden, Atlanta Braves pitching coach, Olympic Coach, and he still owns the famous Indianapolis Clowns.

Dave Clark hosts the Pulling Each Other Along Podcast (PEOA), and presents the PEOA Award to many unsung heroes throughout the years at the Disability Dream & Do (D3Day) Sports events.

Dave Clark lives by his own quote, “There are two types of Dreamers, dreamers that dream, and dreamers that DREAM & DO!” Dave Clark falls into the second category of dreamers. Dreamers that DREAM & DO.