Email Address Collection

First : Jeff
Last : Pabst

System or Organization:  Missouri Local Government ERS


Your Question/Comment:  We are considering expanding how we collect email addresses from our members. Currently, the only method of collecting email addresses is through the Member Web Portal.

Missouri Local Government ERS is a multi-agent public pension plan providing defined benefit retirement plans to local government subdivisions across Missouri. Each employer has their own individual email servers, addresses, etc. So, we will have to gather the information from the membership, not from a data base. Any ideas you would like to share will be much appreciated!

Email Address:  [email protected]

Note: NPEA respectfully requests respondents share as much as they can via the blog so everyone can learn from those experiences. If an issue is overly technical, we would greatly appreciate respondents who are willing to be contacted include their contact information within their blog post. Thank you!

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