Past Speakers

Jason Vitug

Author and Founder of Phroogal

The 2017 keynote speaker and founder of the financial education start-up and lifestyle brand Phroogal, Jason Vitug strives to empower millennials to live their dream lifestyles through financial knowledge.

Jason is a bestselling author, money blogger, millennial topic expert, motivational speaker, and social impact entrepreneur. He is best known as a financial motivator and lifestyle engineer helping millennials achieve their life and financial goals through financial storytelling.

Jason promotes ‘The Smile Lifestyle’ movement, an online and social community of millennials who are living and making informed financial decisions to stop wasting money, and focus on the things that matter. The movement is based on a belief that experiential and purposeful living can be achieved through sound financial decision-making.

In 2015, Jason created the award-winning project – The Road to Financial Wellness – a cross country and social campaign to break the taboo about money and empower a generation. To date, the road trip team has successfully completed 91 events attended by 14,600+ people in over 80 locations across 46 states.

In 2016, Jason wrote You Only Live Once: The Roadmap to Financial Wellness and a Purposeful Life which is an international bestseller. The book redefines the millennial mantra into a process of money mindfulness that stresses the importance of sound financial decision-making to create a lifetime of moments.