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Suzanne Mayer

System or Organization: 

State Universities Retirement System of Illinois

Your Question/Comment: SURS is exploring increasing our self-service options within our online member portal. We are interested in hearing from systems who have already implemented online beneficiary designations or benefit applications.

If you have implemented online beneficiary designations or benefit applications we would like to know the following:

What online forms have you implemented?

How long have these forms been available online?

What security methods do you employ to ensure the member is submitting the forms/applications?

Have you had any known instances of fraud?

Have you had any known instances of a member having been influenced by someone to complete an online form they may have not otherwise completed on their own? (i.e. a family member coercing a member to change a beneficiary form or to give them the credentials to do so).

Thanks in advance for any information you can provide!

Email Address:
[email protected]

Note: NPEA respectfully requests respondents share as much as they can via the blog so everyone can learn from those experiences. If an issue is overly technical, we would greatly appreciate respondents who are willing to be contacted include their contact information within their blog post. Thank you!

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