Past Speakers

Paul Wood

Actuary and Consultant, Gabriel Roeder Smith & Company

With more than 15 years of public sector actuarial and benefits consulting experience, Paul Wood has consulted extensively on plan design, funding, accounting and pricing for defined benefit pension plans, post-retirement health care programs, and §529 pre-paid tuition programs. His pension and retiree health care experience includes actuarial valuations, plan design analysis, long-term funding projections, and actuarial audits. Paul also provides actuarial soundness valuations, pricing analyses, and actuarial audits.

Paul is an associate in the Society of Actuaries (ASA), a fellow in the Conference of Consulting Actuaries (FCA) and a member of the American Academy of Actuaries. He regularly presents before boards of trustees, plan sponsor staff, and professional associations. He has spoken at the National Association of State Treasurers (NAST) Treasury Management Training Symposium on the actuarial implications of pre-paid tuition plans and the NCPERS Annual Conference and Exhibition on the topic of various issues facing public sector pension plans.

Paul holds a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Aquinas College in Grand Rapids, Michigan.ether, as well as mentoring and coaching financial advisers to become Elder Planning Specialists.